Freshen Up Floors with Sophisticated Marble Slab in Toronto

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Freshen Up Your Floors with Sophisticated Marble Slab in Toronto

Nothing captures the look of luxury or the sense of timeless elegance more than sophisticated marble slab in Toronto homes. Marble flooring, in particular, can make a Toronto home look elegant, sleek and sophisticated. If you are planning on upgrading your floors, marble slab for Toronto homes is one of the best decisions you can make.

Advantages of Marble Floors

Quarried from the earth, marble is a natural material and marble slab for flooring has the advantage of uniqueness. Considering that each tile used in the flooring is one of a kind, you are guaranteed that your floor will stand out with its own personality. The other advantages associated with marble include:
  • Style
  • Radiant heat
  • Translucence
Marble has an appearance that is hard to replicate. An excellent heat conductor, marble slab is an excellent option for areas where you want to install below surface radiant heating systems. Because marble is a translucent stone, as it allows light to penetrate, it will glow when the sun hits it, making a room brighter.
Marble flooring is long-lasting and low-maintenance. For high-traffic areas, however, it would be best to use honed marble or sand marble to prevent accidents and/or injury due to wet surfaces.

Types and Finishes of Marble Slabs

There are three classifications of sophisticated marble slab in Toronto:
  • Dolomite – this classification is for marble that contains more than 40 per cent magnesium carbonate
  • Magnesium – This type of marble contains between 5 per cent and 40 per cent magnesium
  • Calcite – this marble contains less than 5 per cent magnesium carbonate
There are also three common types of marble floor finishes:
  • Sand marble – This type of marble flooring is a combination of sand and marble, which creates a "sandy” texture that makes it perfect for rooms and has a rustic feel to it. The surface offers some friction, which can make it good for the bathroom, preventing slippage when wet.
  • Polished marble – If you want a more upscale feel in your home, polished marble would be your best bet. It is shiny and very easy to polish, creating a majestic feeling in the house.
  • Honed Marble – This type of finishing  is a hybrid between polished marble and sand marble. Honed Marble also provides a shiny and elegant look and it minimizes slippage when wet.

A Personal Touch to a Toronto Home

Each marble slab has its own distinct vein patterns and streaks of colour. However, marble slab, like most stone tiles, has some maintenance requirements. It must be sealed and cleaned regularly. When caring for marble, it is also important to:
  • Only use a mild detergent solution when cleaning.
  • Use mats or rugs on the inside of an entryway to help minimize the sand, dirt and grit that may scratch the marble floor.
  • Wipe up any spills immediately as they can stain or etch marble’s porous surface.
Here are more marble easy care tips to keep your floors in top shape.
Choose sophisticated marble slab in Toronto over other flooring options to instantly boost the looks and feel of your Toronto home.